4-Door Locker 1800

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  • metal thickness before

  • thickness once painted

  • type of door

  • material of doors

  • number of drawers

  • number of shelves

  • type of lock

  • type of keys

    Foldable key
  • type of base metal


Filing cabinets and cabinets.
Our products are made from cold rolled and bent metal. We use different steel thicknesses
depending on the use. This is to ensure the best stability and resistance.
Epoxy paints are particularly resistant.
The thickness of our shelves is 0.7 MM before painting. They can accommodate suspension
files with a center distance of 330 MM and support a load of 40 Kg.
The glass of the glass door cabinets is 4 MM thick.

Weight 31.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 180 × 30 cm
Metal Thickness (before)

Thickness once Painted

Type of Door

Material of doors

Number of Drawers

Number of Shelves

Type of Lock

Type of Keys

Type of base (metal)

Volume (m3)
Number of Parcels 1
Units per Parcel 1
Volume (in m3) 0.075
Parcel 1 Width (in cm) 183.5
Parcel 1 Height (in cm) 183.5
Parcel 1 Depth (in cm) 6.5
Product dimensions (D x W x H - in mm) 500 x 300 x 1800